Baheti Metal & Ferro Alloys Ltd. Was incorporated in the year 1994 to expand and consolidate the group’s business activities. Exponential expansion was undertaken whith a new production facility at degham for recycling Aluminium and producing Ferro alloys to become an incomparable industry player.

Baheti is fully geared to meet the emerging global requirements of varies industries with premium quality alloys and Ferrro alloys manufactured at one single location using innovative techniques for maximum use of resources and increasing quality standard continuosly. it has been succesful in establishing long tearm relationship with its clients in the indian Steel industry and also from South Korea, Middle East and many other countries.

The Company has been guided and managed by focused, young and dynamic generation of baheti family which is contributing to widening their business scopes and achiving unparellel success.

We aspire to become the world leading company for recycling Aluminium scrap and satisfying the need of our customers.

  • To sustain environment friendly method for maximum utilization of Aluminium
  • To come up with Innovative creation
  • To conserve & restore properties of aluminium by recycling
  • To be a unique brand in the market
  • Casting Industry
  • Sheets of Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Rolling – Hot Milling Rolls
  • Extrusion (Road/Rail) Construction
  • Casting – Shaped According to Mould

Aluminium Scrap is recycled to produce fine aluminium products at our company. Recycling is a method to convert waste material to re-usable material and to reduce the consumption of natural resources.

Recycling is key component of modern waste reduction theory and is the third component of reduce, reuse & recycle waste hierarchy. It saves natural resources and energy. It reduces greenhouse gas emission and helps create new jobs.

From last many decades, various uses of Aluminium with its unmatchable properties such as malleability, durability, tensile strenght, light in weight and conductivity were discovered. Aluminium can be recycled any number of times without loosing any of its properties.



Our company comprises of an excellent team of talented, multi-skilled and creative people to achieve our goals with an outstanding performance. Each team member strives for excellence. Efficient team has always contributed a lot in the growth and development of the company.

Mr. Shanker Shah


Mr. Balkishan Shah

Director - Sales

Mr. Yash Shah

Director - Marketing

Mr. Jamnalal Maliwal

Commercial Incharge

Application Domain

The Versatile properties of aluminium and its alloys have resulted in it being used in industries as diverse as transport, architecture and electrical transmisssion application.

Aluminium alloys are used in automobiles componenets due to its stiffness, corrosion resistance and excellent strength to weight ratio.

Aluminium alloys can be used for insulation, lamination and electrical shielding.

Aluminium de-oxy find strong application in steel manufacturing as deoxidizer



For Baheti, acting responsibly means having a conscientious attitude towards the envierment and limited natural resources. However, it also includes responsible interaction with employees, suppliers, customers and the plant areas and communities where Baheti is active.

Baheti antipates earning maximum benifits from its expanded business with its nuge investment in modern technology & infrastructure, with stremlined manufacturing process and with efficient man-power resources to maintain its continuous financial growth. We are working earnestly towards achieving these goals. We have been successful in establishing a prominent name in the domestic as well as international market by completing all the consigments on time and with expected quality products.